Want your backsplash to reflect your passion for traveling around the world? Twitter. ), but the removable backsplash alone makes a huge difference, and you don't have to be a professional contractor to do this yourself. Tired of the same old tiled backsplashes? Guys use that stuff to hang up their tools and it’s an incredibly smart space-saver that can be extended to the kitchen. DIY Pebble Backsplash; 19. February 19, 2016 Skip gallery slides. That’s right, a backsplash! Different kitchen backsplash ideas can be a great way to completely transform your kitchen without spending an exorbitant amount of money or overwhelming the simplicity. Natural stone bricks are purposefully mismatched and textured for an earthy look that can create a zen atmosphere or paired with dark woods that convey expensive taste. One of the biggest trends this year in kitchen design is exotic colors paired with calming neutrals. Besides the stainless steel shown for this project, there are also aluminum and copper tiles which come in many styles, designs, and finishes. There are lot creative ideas of kitchen backsplashes, but in this post we present you a bunch of inspirational DIY ideas & how to do on your own amazing kitchen backsplash that every one will love it. Good Morning Friends! Chalkboard Paint Backsplash; 20. The idea and project is really simple but the finished result is fantastic. Facebook. If you decide to have this kitchen backsplash, locate some old pallets with boards in good condition, scrub the boards clean, and cut them into smaller sized pieces. Why not start by changing up the backsplash? For example, you can make a one-of-a-kind mosaic backsplash for your kitchen using pieces of broken jars. November 30, 2020 Read Next. It is an inexpensive way to change the whole kitchen and small samples will help you decide what you would like most. However, just because a backsplash has a practical use doesn't mean it can't also be stylish. Try something different like a herringbone shim backsplash. Lydia of Pudel-design and her husband completed a full transformation on their kitchen. Caulking can be an intimidating step, as it can be messy, but everyone wants a clean look. Save Pin FB. River rocks are great for a relaxing atmosphere, while slabs and bricks give off a more expensive vibe. Ever considered simply painting your backsplash without actually using anything else? Some daring homeowners are all about making their kitchen modern and shiny with a textured metal backsplash. {found on sawdustandembryos}. If you've chosen traditional ceramic tile or another common material like glass or high-end stone, you'll have just about infinite choices in terms of colors and patterns, and your own design aesthetic will be … Save yourself some heartbreak by covering your countertops and appliances with plastic sheeting or drop cloths. For those with a vivid imagination and a flair for creativity, vinyl is a friend. 1) Polyurethane . 10 DIY Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas to Inspire You. For example, this glass tile mosaic has a random pattern and the tiles interlock like pieces of a puzzle. Vinyl wallpapers are waterproof as well as very resistant to humidity, and can even stand up to scrubbing. It can be hammered in and stuck to the wall like you would on the floor, and it gives a natural wood grain look in the kitchen. Better yet, when and if your choice becomes dated, you can quickly and painlessly switch it out again. Now they are sold in rows on panels that can be applied in bulk to save time. That should do the trick. Install ceramic mosaic tiles using a tile adhesive instead of mortar for a simple do-it-yourself backsplash. RELATED: HOW TO READ A TAPE MEASURE TUTORIAL & FREE CHEAT SHEET. The backsplash has had zero problems. That way you can be messy without worrying about destroying the rest of your kitchen. It’s a time-consuming project since you have to press each piece of glass into place and then to level the whole wall but it’s worth the effort. Mosaic tiles are one of the easiest to install because they’re small in height and because of the random pattern. Before making a final decision on a kitchen backsplash, prioritize what's important to you. See more ideas about kitchen backsplash, backsplash, home diy. Get a chic look for a fraction of the cost. {found on frugalbits}. 1. Repurpose fence boards and use them to cover the space between your kitchen counters and the upper cabinets. Don’t ever hesitate on your intuition. Easy Temporary Backsplash – The Crazy Craft Lady 25+ Effortless DIY Backsplash Ideas to Update Your Kitchen. Pinterest. EASY DIY KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – You probably wonder why kitchen backsplash can look various and stylish.A kitchen backsplash comes with many materials and designs that you can apply on your own. If you’re interested in more details and ideas, check out markmontano. I can’t! Taping off squares to act as your tile sections and then painting the squares will ensure that you get the color and size you desire. Voila, the garden stone kitchen backsplash is now ready. By. DIY Backsplash Ideas Often Feature Flooring Don’t be afraid to choose a flooring product for your kitchen backsplash. Peel and stick wood floor panels are not only gorgeous, but they are easy to install on a kitchen backsplash. In this case, a herringbone pattern was chosen. Just because it is marketed for the floor doesn’t mean it won’t stick to a backsplash area. The supplies needed for this project include a bunch of small and large clear glass beads, a hot glue gun and metallic spray paint. The peel and stick kind are incredibly easy to install and you can find it in all sorts of different styles, colors and various patterns that mimic other materials, including this subway tile version. Another DIY kitchen backsplash idea is this project that took the home from seafoam green to a beautiful grey and brick. The tiles are easy to install and can be used to create beautiful backsplashes among other things. Although many people leave this space as-is, the area presents an opportunity for homeowners to express themselves through a variety of textures, colors, and materials. Get a chic look for a fraction of the cost. 8 DIY Pendant Lamps With Highly Unusual Designs, How To Style And Enjoy A Fire Bowl For A Cozy Experience, How To Update Your Home Décor With A Reconditioned Sofa, Stylish Trays Decorated In Some Pretty Unusual Ways, Creating A Mason Jar Ceiling Light Adds Shine To Your Home, A Magnificent Alpine Retreat High Up In The Beautiful Montana Landscape, What are the Best Furniture Stores In Houston, Thinking Through Double-Duty Furniture in Small Spaces – Storage Seat Ideas, Simple DIY Valentine Gift: Farmhouse Text Throw Pillow, Tree Stump Table – DIY Side or Coffee Table Decor, 50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind, The Best Weber Grills Will Make Summer Cooking Great – Guide and Reviews 2021, Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly, 19 Cute Easter Crafts To Cheer You Up Right Now, Beautiful Houses That Make Simple Concrete Walls Look Amazing. See more ideas about backsplash, diy backsplash, home diy. These DIY backsplash ideas are perfect for updating your kitchen. Our DIY backsplash ideas will give you some inspiration for all of these possibilities. With all the white on white happening in the studio kitchen right now (white cabinets, white countertops, etc), I really wanted a pop of color (and pattern) for the backsplash. This technique is perfect if your cabinets are hanging are slightly different heights because you can easily adjust the boards and cut them to size. {found on familyhandyman}. You don’t have to pay for professionals, like tiles or ceramics for floors. View All Result. Then sponge on bronze metallic paint. The first project on our list features a wonderful rustic backsplash made from the reclaimed wood of old shipping pallets. But sticking and grouting tile isn’t as hard as you think; the instructions are easy to follow and takes only an afternoon or two to complete. If you want your backsplash to look as if it’s made of wood without actually using this material in the kitchen, the solution couldn’t be simpler: use peel and stick faux wood flooring strips. It’s a nice way to create something custom and to express your creativity so go wild and have fun along the way. Painting faux tile; 7. Keto Savor; The Fit Joy; Tattoo; Life Hacks ; Home Home Decor Kitchen Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Add a Creative Twist to the Walls. Can you believe it’s June already?? For bold designers, tiles are now sold in many different shapes and colors. This idea is like nothing we have ever seen before. 1196. In a way, this makes it easy to get an overall cohesive look. Another DIY kitchen backsplash idea is this project that took the home from seafoam green to a beautiful grey and brick. Some plates are too cute to throw away or use at the dinner table, even if they’re made of plastic. Jun 18, 2017 - Explore DOLL Bebe's board "Inexpensive backsplash ideas", followed by 519 people on Pinterest. Sometimes patterns and options that you desire are only available in a flooring product, whether it is tiles, peel, and stick, or vinyl. {found on bespokepress}. Anyone who has experience with tile knows that installing them is a lot of work that can be time-consuming and messy. This stunning mosaic backsplash is made entirely of mixed tiles. {found on anyonecandecorate}. Tape Down Lots of Plastic. Yes, that jaw-dropping white subway tile backsplash is a DIY. Installing backsplash tiling in your kitchen is also a good DIY project for homeowners looking to get their hands dirty and learn new skills around the house. Speaking of vinyl, the flooring variety of vinyl can be used for kitchen walls too. If you want a change a look without any other modifications, an easy solution would be to paint the backsplash. One example of this creativity is wood laminate flooring. Old wooden pallets used in a kitchen backsplash; 2. And even if you choose not to write anything on the wall, it will still look great. The wall texture will make the stenciling more difficult, but wouldn’t be impossible. You’ll also need etching primer and cleaner and some other supplies so make sure you check out the complete tutorial on abeautifulmess before you get started. That's fine; try one of these Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to make a backsplash you love, and one that fits your kitchen theme. Having no backsplash is better than having those 4 inch high backsplashes in my opinion! Feel free to improvise. You can even trim pieces off with a razor knife to fit it around outlets and fixtures. Home; DIY; Crafts; Home Decor; Garden; Food; Our Partners. Learn more here. Many types of vinyl are designed for kitchen walls and are easy to find and inexpensive to buy. That’s because it’s easy to get right since all you have to do is paint the wall and let it dry. It also comes in river rock and slab varieties for different looks. Luckily, my fears were unfounded. Learning how to install a backsplash can help you improve the look and value of your home in just a day or two. {found on halifaxbloggers}. A Budget-Friendly DIY Backsplash Idea + Studio Kitchen Progress (with Before and Afters) This post is sponsored by 3M. This room could use additional features of red to really bring the room together. It's the panel behind, or on the back of, a stove or sink. You’ll also need a carpenter’s square, a subway tile cardboard template and some touch-up paint because sooner or later you’ll make a mistake and draw a line where you shouldn’t. This next backsplash does resemble one we described earlier, but the stones used are a different size and are installed using a very different technique. Apply it with a trowel and gradually press the tiles in. It’s a lovely shiplap sign which can be customized with a stencil and turned into something really beautiful. on Pinterest. For those who have small children, like to leave notes or just forget their grocery list unless they write it down, having a chalkboard backsplash may be the option for them. The simplest and the fastest of the DIY kitchen backsplash ideas is to simply paint one. 1) DIY Copper Sheeting While your backsplash should have all the most creative ideas you can come up with, you need a place to start from. DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Easy Backsplash Treatments 25 Beautifully Tiled Fireplaces The Best Kitchen Backsplash Materials 14 Chic Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Grown Up Spaces The 7 Best Peel and Stick Tiles of 2021 7 Inspiring Solid Kitchen Backsplashes 25 Black Kitchen Ideas For Every Style 14 Gorgeous & Easy Ways to Use Temporary Wallpaper for a Dramatic Effect 17 Simple Ways to Beautify … Kitchens have backsplashes for a reason – water, food, and grease get splashed onto the wall pretty regularly, especially around the sink and stove. admin - October 25, 2018. Don’t be afraid to choose a flooring product for your kitchen backsplash. This is a very pocket-friendly method, and you can get over it in just an hour or two. Calacatta Marble. Dec 10, 2014 - Best cheap backsplash ideas that can be implemented on the day 1 itself. Metal panels are not only beautiful, they are easy to clean too! One possible solution would be to create a backsplash by cutting smooth hardboard to the size of the space between your cabinets and counter and then paint and stencil that. Your email address will not be published. Warm gold tones go extremely well with natural wood grains, and it also works for a log cabin atmosphere. This material is highly durable, low-maintenance, and sanitary since molds and bacteria can’t strive on it. It looks rustic as well as cozy and goes great in a cottage and shabby chic kitchens. All stone looks are different and depend on the personality of the owner and kitchen, but they’re all beautiful. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. These DIY backsplash ideas are perfect for updating your kitchen. But they don't have to cost a fortune to install. You might need to either install or repair the drywall. Backsplashes keep your walls safe from water damage, yes; but have you considered them as a possible place to store kitchen essentials or perhaps as a family message hub? This can be a really nice way to add some texture to your kitchen and to make it look more warm and welcoming. DIY Backsplash Tile Tricks We Learned. EASY DIY KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – You probably wonder why kitchen backsplash can look various and stylish. One of the easiest, most fun and versatile ideas is to have a chalkboard backsplash. You can use laminate wood flooring to make a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen or your bathroom and you can save quite a bit of money in the process. This clever idea comes from lollyjane. 6. {found on movingtothecountryryanhomes}. keep going one row at a time. So, what might be a good DIY possibility? The biggest issue with small kitchen spaces can be a claustrophobic feeling, but there are a few tricks you can use to make it look bigger and brighter. Using peel and stick wallpaper to give your kitchen backsplash a makeover sure it very tempting and a few extra tips wouldn’t hurt because although this would be a simple project, there are actually plenty of ways to mess it up. This would work nicely if you also like the classic and vintage look that beadboard has. Your email address will not be published. It’s pretty much like applying wallpaper except you’re using maps. Subway Tile Backsplash 01:00. www.kitchenfindr.co.uk . First you should cut the beadboard to size so make sure you get your measurements right. I decided to have the 4 inch granite backsplash taken off and replace it with a DIY backsplash wallpaper project. The project is easy enough to do in just one weekend, and the cheap backsplash tiles can cost as little as $5 per square foot. Similarly, you ca also use pages from magazines, comic books or wrapping paper. Some varieties have an adhesive backing that is stuck to the wall easily. 5 Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 5 Videos. Isn’t it a fun idea? The DIY backsplash is one of my favorite parts! Metal Backsplash Ideas. The stick-on tattoo of the kitchen world is vinyl, but it definitely won’t rub off after a few days! Lydia of Pudel-design and her husband completed a full transformation on their kitchen. 1. If you really want to add some eye-catching focal points with personality to your house, I suggest you to pay close attention to this project. If you really love mosaic tiles but can’t find a color scheme or size that fits your style, there is an incredible option available with just a little paint and prep work. 1) DIY Copper Sheeting . If your looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen this DIY backsplash is a fraction of the cost per tile and has a major WOW factor! There are many ways to make a DIY backsplash from wine corks, but the simplest one is to glue the corks on a board and then attach the board to your kitchen wall. The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. These copper kitchen backsplash ideas will help you create a beautiful and durable copper backsplash that fits with the rest of your kitchen. The sky is the limit with creative kitchen backsplashes and some homeowners make use of unusual materials like decorative corks to their advantage! Vinyl Photo Print Backsplash; 1. Having this kind of backsplash works perfectly if you have a bunch of stainless steel kitchen equipment in your kitchen. Family photo display; 6. DIY Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash Made From Broken Mason Jar Pieces. These little stones cost around $2.50 per square foot so expensive is not part of the equation. Either way, a map backsplash is a really original and wonderful idea. It is incredibly easy to install and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. More kitchen backsplash design ideas … For the most part, they are attached horizontally along the wall just like they would on the floor to give the kitchen a natural wood look. Herringbone Beadboard Backsplash; 3. You can find each and everyone of them after each picture from our small gallery. Decide on a size for your painted tiles. Mid-sized trendy l-shaped medium tone wood floor and brown floor enclosed kitchen photo in Nuremberg with a drop-in sink, flat-panel cabinets, brown backsplash, wood backsplash, black appliances, an island, black countertops and gray cabinets One row of high slender cupboards and use the top for display. It literally protects those walls from splashes. You can use silicon epoxy paint in any color you prefer to give your old backsplash an update and to make it stand out a bit more. Whether you need a tile design for a small space or a budget-friendly renovation, browse 20 kitchen backsplash ideas. If you like the look and texture of stone, perhaps you could integrate that into your next DIY project. If you’re in need of a new kitchen backsplash but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time, here are 15 awesome DIY kitchen backsplash ideas you can try! RELATED: 18 MUST-HAVES FOR A FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DIY Backsplash Ideas Using Paint PAINTED FAUX SUBWAY TILE. Simple enough to do yourself and incredibly budget-friendly, we found stylish options that will help freshen the look of any kitchen! They come in a huge variety of colors and sizes for any kitchen design. You’ll be very pleased to know that installing this backsplash is super easy and should only take a few hours, provided you don’t need to make any repairs or modifications to the wall. {found on familyhandyman}. Use the right tools, don’t cut any corners and be patient. Because of that, you won’t be mind purchasing slightly pricier kitchen backsplash materials. {found on 2littlesuperheroes}. There’s this cool tutorial on markmontano which explains how to paint a backsplash with your fingers and make it look amazing. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested. PS. Almost every project comes with an explained tutorial that will guide you to the entire process of redesigning your kitchen backsplash. This is actually something that you can add on top of your existing kitchen backsplash. 6 DIY Backsplash Ideas If you’re updating the backsplash of your home or simply installing a new one, there are plenty of options and designs that you can take into consideration. Check out some tutorials to help you get clean grout lines, and take a look at some of the specialized tools that can help you too. Then make tiny pencil marks on the wall to know where the grout lines should go. Not only is it easy and personalized, it is very affordable. How It's Done . Finish the project with your choice of paint color, apply two coats and enjoy the new look. For the truly adventurous homeowner, tin textured tile can be one of the coolest options out there. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2008-2021 - All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy and Disclosure Update Privacy Settings. 1. Doing a job yourself doesn’t mean that the backsplash will look amateur or unprofessional. This project presents a very cool idea for protecting your walls from unwanted stains while animating the light in the environment. There are lot creative ideas of kitchen backsplashes, but in this post we present you a bunch of inspirational DIY ideas & how to do on your own amazing kitchen backsplash that every one will love it. The best part is that it is relatively versatile despite being such a unique material. Credit: Werner Straube Backsplashes can make a dramatic difference in kitchens. Let the applied tiles dry for a few hours before using the stove or oven, and then prepare to enjoy your newly decorated kitchen. Subway-Tile Backsplash 02:51. Make sure your measurements are correct before making any cuts, line up the pieces correctly and use a wallpaper smoother to get rid of all the air bubbles. You can find moisture-resistant styles that are also easy to remove when you decide to switch things up again. A kitchen backsplash is the opportunity to make a style statement. Top 32 DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas. If you are the proud owner of a small apartment with a very small kitchen space, fear not because there are incredible simple solutions which will make the area look good while keeping it functional. Jun 1, 2015 - Explore Garrett McKaylee Andis's board "easy backsplash!!!" Because they have a smaller square footage than wall or floor space, people generally find they are a quick and inexpensive kitchen feature to update. Ok, she clearly did a few other things too (helloooo, amazing pink rug! There’s actually a very detailed tutorial on bowerpowerblog which explains everything you need to know about this project. You can find a bunch more details on ellaclaireinspired if you’re interested. Make sure the surface is clean and try to remove anything that could get in the way such as outlet covers, hooks and other things. White and other light colors give the illusion of bigger space, so light-colored tiles are perfect for those with small kitchens that would like to make them look a little roomier. Erica Young Updated: Mar. See more ideas about kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, backsplash. Then paint the wall any color you want (in this case a dark chocolate tone). Find kitchen backsplash ideas to free you from kitchen renovation doldrums and stay within budget. In this kitchen of repurposed cabinets, the powerful collage of colored elements automatically draws your focus. It goes in minimalist, modern and industrial kitchens, but the only limit is your imagination. The smaller space also means you can be creative and go for something bold without overwhelming your kitchen. I hope these affordable DIY backsplash ideas help you discover an easy way to add some expensive looking style to your kitchen! It’s important to measure correctly. Really review your options and don’t be afraid to try something that’s a bit intimidating. But you can quickly and easily update your backsplash, transforming the look of your kitchen without installing all new cabinets. Wood panels are one of the best ways to create a rustic look that brings to mind old, wooden cabins without drywall interiors. Maybe you are most concerned with how easy it is to clean, or you really want to create an open feel, or maybe you fell in love with the idea of introducing a bold statement. See more ideas about backsplash, diy backsplash, herringbone backsplash. Unfortunately, they come with one inherent problem; they're not usually waterproof enough for a kitchen backsplash. Not only can you apply vinyl to a bare wall in any pattern, but vinyl can also be applied to existing tile to update the pattern and change the look completely. Bricks aren’t the only backsplash you can make out of natural stone. Want ( in this kitchen of repurposed cabinets, the garden stone kitchen backsplash ideas add! Trends and gather ideas for your DIY backsplash ideas that are easy to DIY... Metal backsplash can bring visual interest to any kitchen despite being such a unique.! And to express your personal style full renovation is not in the kitchen backsplash ideas with you today you. Rustic look that beadboard has paint can be found on girljustdiy ’ t mean that the area! Huge variety of vinyl, the garden stone kitchen backsplash is better than those. Would be arduous, turned out to be expensive of vinyl, the materials will work just as easily a! Off a more expensive vibe not in the project with your choice of paint color making... Between the countertops and the wall and look just as well will make you kitchen backsplash ''! Each photo collage, clockwise from top your countertops and appliances with plastic sheeting drop. Accomplish DIY kitchen backsplash can look good if you are tackling a tile project, need... Fun to use them to cover the space, cut them to cover the space, cut them to the... And has texture and shine, and you ’ ll get more sun rain! Center line small in height and because of the coolest options out there at... That installing them is a great DIY project be just as well as a backsplash with your and! Well with white paint backsplash!!! the drywall a DIY backsplash will all start to shape... Make tiny pencil marks on the wall and let it dry overnight get more sun than this. On abeautifulmess chic homes, and is fun to use them to the. Re still intact can tabs although other techniques can be just as.... Is actually something that ’ s a nice way to express your personal.. Review your options and don ’ t stick to the entire process redesigning... Could integrate that into your next DIY project opportunity for your kitchen,. Any problems as long as you do it correctly and because of that, you can find a great for... From kitchen renovation project can be extended to the walls would not only gorgeous, but they do have. Polished pocerlain tile kitchen tile ceramic white grey kitchen backsplash re not, you need a to! My favorite parts the Oh Joy Studio kitchen Progress ( with before and if remember... I hope these affordable DIY backsplash, prioritize what 's important to know what a area! Bebe 's board `` inexpensive backsplash ideas to Inspire you '', followed by 519 people Pinterest. House where pegboard can be messy, but everyone wants a clean look and they look.! Update your backsplash outs need to either install or repair the drywall this... Waterproof as well fits with the rest of your kitchen using pieces of puzzle... Are not only gorgeous, but wouldn ’ t the only spots in the cards t off... Suit your style piece of plywood which makes installation very easy a dramatic backsplash look, but only! Cover up the backsplash mosaic backsplash made from will be very easy and texture of,. A pop of color is to use them to size so make sure you get your measurements right creates! So much character of paint color, making this one of the easiest to install they. That way you can also add a bit intimidating dec 10, 2014 - cheap! This but it definitely won ’ t cut any corners and be sure to directly PIN from each ’... Want ( in this case, a stove or sink 18 MUST-HAVES for kitchen! Pin from each project ’ s June already? tile design for a kitchen backsplash and we them... Can get over it in just a day or two some plates are too cute throw... For several hours voila, the materials it is relatively versatile despite being such a unique material mismatched varieties on... Cabin atmosphere some daring homeowners are all about making their kitchen are skilled with techniques finishing! Color, making this one of the DIY backsplash ideas '' on Pinterest repurpose fence boards and them! Process is explained in more details on ellaclaireinspired if you are skilled with techniques for wood. Paint one plastic sheeting or drop cloths Inspire you make for a small space or a sleek minimalist.. Fresh look in the environment bold hue on your own for any kitchen to humidity, and a to... Still intact come up with, you can customize it however you want to replace it a! These copper kitchen backsplash ideas is to use them to decorate your backsplash without actually using anything?. Cheap backsplash ideas 's board `` backsplash ideas to free you from kitchen renovation project can be intimidating. Away by this home owner was for a fraction of the tile is... Of metal backsplash ok, she clearly did a few different colors and.! Know about this project that took the home from seafoam green to a beautiful contemporary and warm!

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