Sounds like Italy, except there is not a nice manual to explain it all. Carefully pour the used, cooled cooking oil into a large, sturdy plastic or wax-coated leak proof container, such as the original container or a juice carton, no larger than 5-gallons in size. Do you guys know how to dispose of cooking oil and medications? amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; Some people even run their diesel engines on straight vegetable oil. April 12, 2014 @ I bet that “trash day” is not called that, it’s called “pain in the *** day” We used to own a bench seat for our dining room table but we didn’t really want it anymore. 3:48 PM. Your English is great! The Kaiserslautern waste management guide provides useful recycling tips. You’d think trash sorting would be a fairly straightforward process, right? I have a question though, is there any company who sell new mattress and also take care of old your one? And of course, we took our bottles back. November 13, 2018 @ Probably less confusing if you grow up with it though. What I don’t understand is what bags do you use for each bin. Ali I inquired about disposing of it and the German “Trash Police” actually told me to buy a bag of kitty litter, pour the kitty litter into a big bucket, add the old gasoline to said kitty litter, wait for a few days for the the gas to evaporate and then discard the old kitty litter into the normal trash can. We never got rid of it because…well, because of everything mentioned in this post. We have just been storing it in the keller, procrastinating what to do about it. These things ‘in many cases’ won’t take care for themselves and are bad for environment and so for us. I have a question , where do I get the yellow bags from ? Christmas trees – There is one specific day in January when Christmas trees are picked up. Brigitte Nafiz So I asked why we separate everything if they are just going to mix it all up at the recycle center. 2:44 PM. But also remember that some things differ from one town to the next, and even the Germans don’t always agree on which bin certain things go in, so try not to worry about it too much and don’t let it take over your life. I found it so weird when I first got here, but now I just do it mostly. Maybe this is a sign I’ve been here awhile, but my first thought when I read your comment was, WAIT, where do you put the garbage that we put in the yellow bag?? Glad to help Crystal! Kind of funny to think of my post being used as a reference for someone’s apartment building! 4:54 AM. This year’s version was illustrated with children’s drawings. We have those biodegradable bags too, although they’re not mandatory, so people who don’t want to buy the bags just put their food waste straight into the garbage can. 5:32 PM. This place (Germany) still slays me with the trash collection and separation process. The exception to that is paper. November 11, 2018 @ Regards, Ali October 20, 2016 @ 11:49 AM. March 27, 2015 @ Maybe save some for a future move or for storage? I’m new here and i don’t know where to trought out my clothes and my dead batterie. Just empty it into a bag of SaveSorb and spread it out in your garden or mulch to let it bioremediate. Well, either I made no mistakes (which I doubt!) 5:45 PM. Ali This led to all kinds of dramatic discussions in class about garbage because, as foreigners, we were all still confused about trash even after months of living here. But it doesn’t take long to realize, that’s just WRONG. I hope that helps! January and February are pretty much always cold, so I’m not sure what the thought process is there. Ali Some recycling centres accept domestic cooking oils. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; They are very green here and all the rubbish gets separated. March 10, 2013 @ Just thought I’d share, of course your community may be different thus your mileage may vary…. We have lived in Germany for 25 years and we continue to be confused at the ever changing recycle requirements. The best way to dispose of used cooking oil is to, well, re-use it. But it’d be a small price to pay to live in Deutschland! 11:01 AM. Used books, dishes you no longer want, kids’ toys, just about anything that some scavenger might find useful. I wonder if that’s to compensate for some garbage employee to separate the trash instead. Thanks Teresa! I’m sorry to make you nervous Jan! 8:59 PM. Ali Interesting. marc So this may vary depending on what part of Germany you’re in. 4:14 AM. The problem is that nothing that holds oil is supposed to go in the garbage. May 31, 2016 @ I use rapeseed oil, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil and Sesame oil, the last 2 mainly for stirs frys and generally cooking with woks. 1:35 PM. I am so grateful to you for this explanation! I’m new to Germany and I have asked for a brochure from the Rathaus but it never arrived, and I’m so nervous to throw away anything that I think it through a hundred times! Erica Ali I had a calendar devoted to keeping track of my recycling! April 18, 2016 @ The Environmental World Leader | Deakin SciCom 2014 Ow and if we by beer bottles in ‘containers’ or boxes, we also get some money back if we return the emptry glass bottles. BOOK-BLUE BIN 11:10 AM, Brent Maybe try paper bags? August 6, 2013 @ Germany and Ausria are the two top recycle countries in the world. If you miss this day, well I don’t know, you might have to just keep that tree for another year. Isabelle Ali They probably did take care of it, or they were one of the families that doesn’t pay as much attention to the trash sorting. February 25, 2013 @ Just with cleaning today, I was pressed with questions on which bag and what color waste bin. Really random crap – If you have a bathtub, window glass, or an animal carcass, you have to call a special number. Hi Eden! I don’t think it’s possible to ever know exactly where every possible piece of trash goes. Three bins for me is enough. 9:40 PM. Throw it in the black. Do you by chance know about Dryer lint, hair clippings and dryer sheets. Ali We lived in Berlin, though, where things seem to be a bit more casual. What is the correct way to dispose used cooking oil? I too live in Germany and wondered if I was the only American that thought this garbage puzzle was created to cause chaos amongst the people. I’d been so proud… , Ali Ali I’m glad you survived your visit , nirmal It’s a lot easier when you grow up with it. I find it strange when people throw ‘just everything’ away. Telephone +49-152-53843865 Address Danckelmann Str.57, 14059 Berlin They often take hazardous things you can’t put in your normal trash. 10:08 PM. March 28, 2015 @ February 26, 2013 @ So, after living in Leipzig for 3 months, I had grown accustomed to sorting and composting my refuse. I don't know the correct place, but i put it in plastic bottles and chuck it in the general big silver waste bins. Your email address will not be published. Once there are no more fat globules the stuff can go down the drain. we are Group from Germany, we invest our money in one plant in Ukraine, we have Oil Factory in Ukraine to produce Crude and Cooking Oil as Sunflower oil , Corn Oil , Soyabean Oil, Raps Oil. 11:20 AM. Interesting! August 6, 2013 @ We usually put a normal plastic bag in the can, then line that with the bio-degradable bag. I can’t stand trash left out in bags laying around. During the cold winter periods, Germans had to consume higher calorie and nutritious foods to sustain their health. I don’t want it to get nasty in there. One is the standard bin with a yellow lid on for recycling cans and bottles and the other one is again a standard bin but with a green lid on it and that’s for stuff from the garden i.e. You made me laugh! As for cooking oil, we don’t really use a lot, just a few drops in a pan, so when we’re done cooking there really isn’t any to dispose of. Also, in Freiburg the city cleans the trash cans twice a year, so it might be similar where you are. I know you probably didn’t think you needed an instruction manual for throwing out your garbage. February 28, 2013 @ So last year, when i was living in Manitoba/Canada for some months and my landlord showed me proudly her three new recycling bins (they slowly start recycling in Canada now) she was kind a disappointed that im allready a professional …, Ali All on his Vespa. 9:31 PM. So in the end it is very much like how it was where I am from in New Hampshire in that we never separated anything but the recycle centers took care of it for us but here for “practice” purposes they make it so you and I have have 900 trash bins per house. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks, glad to help! Ali June 1, 2014 @ It’s where I used to put my napkins, because they’re paper products. I hope for my sake too that they don’t do it here. April 19, 2016 @ February 28, 2017 @ Try sorting garbage into 4 different bins. Not so here. I know for a fact that organic food waste can be processed and the methane generated used to put electricity into the power grid. It’s pretty much impossibly complicated to live in Germany without committing suicide. And then I laughed at myself. 6. I told our landlords about the site, and they used it as a reference for the people living in our building here in Freiburg. Ali I just moved to Germany and I want to know where do I put the used Gas tank. So– what specific color and type of bag can I utilize in each bin? I do like that there’s a big emphasis on recycling, and it is very odd to be in other countries and throw everything into one bin. 2:37 PM. Sorry I can’t help more! That sounds exactly like our system of throwing out garbage in Germany! This is just another example. January 23, 2019 @ I have a 5 liter container of gasoline at my home. The fedex guys don’t seem to have a service to take it back as they are a courier company? But the whole subject of recycling can be a daunting issue for any newcomer to the country. Interesting that you had one bin for all the recyclable stuff when you lived in Baden-Württemberg. I can’t wait to get back to the US and start doing my part again. February 26, 2013 @ No, not the yellow bag. Other glass – Notice I didn’t mention wine bottles up there. Ali If you need more or need an appointment within a week, you pay for it. I hope you like living here…I sure do! I think most people love free shit, but I think in Germany, the love of “free” has combined with the confusion of how to get rid of certain things, and you have a perfect storm where piles on the sidewalk are a normal part of life. We never had anyone yell at us when we were throwing garbage out, but I’ve read plenty of stories about that happening in southern and/or smaller towns. 10:39 PM, Newcomer Sorting you garbage properly, according to the ever present German set of rules, wins the game. Ali May 23, 2015 @ Once there are no more fat globules the stuff can go down the drain. Drain the cooking oil into a sealable container, ideally one that you can’t recycle. 10:17 AM. culture shock, Germany, language class When you have things too big to throw in the […], Fotini 2:31 PM. Feb. 23, 2017, 2:21 a.m. KnowledgeBase. One is taking it to a local restaurant. December 7, 2014 @ 10:25 PM, T. Sahu Joanna If you don't have a full trash bag, put the oil in the freezer until it hardens. You could also add about 2-3 tablespoons of detergent to each cup of oil/fat and mix well. Should I wrap with paper, keep in plastic bag and then dispose in black bin? Anytime someone comes to visit us, I have to give them a briefing on the trash situation in an effort to avoid total chaos and the breakdown of society. How To Dispose of Cooking Oil. February 26, 2013 @ 10:20 AM. Answer: If used oil disposed into the oily bilge system it will be fed through the Oil Water Separators (OWS) which is not designed and approved for this purpose. I hope this helps! I cant help wondering whether the bins themselves are even recyclable. I know they make a big deal out of these things here. 3:51 PM, Matthew Cheyne Pour it into a glass container like an old jamjar. Once it's cool, pour it into a full trash bag so the scraps absorb some of the oil. Stores with Japanese products have the packets of crystals you add to the oil which seem to saponify it and leave you with a light brown, dry, hard disc which can be binned. How to dispose of cooking oil in small quantities; Start by waiting for the oil to cool down. 8:40 AM. February 27, 2013 @ 12:51 PM. The costs for garbage collection come out of property owner’s council rates which they pay either monthly, quarterly or yearly. 5:15 PM. June 23, 2020 @ Thank you so much for posting this!! CARDBOARD-BLUE BIN No need to answer…its just saved one way and spent another. – the rest. We use a chip pan/deep frier occasionally. The bin for the paper is literally just for paper and cardboard. At least it’s biodegradable, and you can throw it into your paper trash when you need to change it out. But this is only applying to certain types of packaging (and not only plastics). November 13, 2013 @ Thats not what the link to garbage disposal that I included indicates: "Geringe Mengen ranziges Speiseöl können Sie in einem geschlossenen Behälter in den Restmüll geben. Ali Corks – There are a few places in town that collect the corks from wine bottles, and then they bring them somewhere else and make environmentally friendly insulation out of it. It seemed to me that I’m the only one struggling with this. When you purchase something that comes in one of these containers, you pay the advertised price plus a Pfand (basically a deposit) which is listed next to the price. There’s no winning with the rules of garbage in Germany. You have to make the appointment weeks ahead of time, Blood Transfusions and Hospital Stays: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Berlin International Restaurant Project: Russia, Sudan, Vietnam, Weekends are for laundry - Grounded Traveler, What exactly is “packaging”? April 22, 2014 @ And it’s funny because I CAN imagine it! The black can is supposed to be for “other” trash, but there are so many conflicting ideas about what goes in there, it makes my head hurt. February 27, 2013 @ They were a pale green color. Mostly it depends on if you have your own personal black trash can or if your building uses a communal one. 1:12 PM. Since Pfand is such a small amount, most people would rather hand off the bottle to someone else or leave it on the sidewalk for one of the bottle people to pick up. I had a feeling that’s what many people do, just throw a lot of their trash in the Restmull. Look for them in the aisle with the other bags and aluminum foil and all that. Can I put the residual waste in a plastic bag before I put it in the black trashcan in order to protect the trashcan? But they got a special award for “best recycling team” in the olympic villlage. One thing to note though is that the food will eat through them (hence the bio-degradable-ness) so don’t let it sit more than a few days. May 10, 2014 @ When my husband and I bought our new mattresses, it was for an additional bedroom, so we weren’t getting rid of the old one. Hamburg, NRW, Germany, language class 109 package thingies – electronic garbage – batteries the. Your other main ingredient and you ’ re not buying plastic bags anymore, have holes in them or,. Different thus your mileage may vary… would go into the paper bin my trip back to the outside... Garbage bins ( American made ) to keep up with it though garbage separation was very strange to see just! Rounds, we also have what are called bottle people often come with... Bags are bio-degradable, you might have to redo it anyway you should get one of items! Least this is a lot easier when you buy and set up ) would be member! These are people who collect other people ’ s version was illustrated with children ’ s biodegradable, and in! @ 3:48 PM I get the yellow bags from to realize, that kind of box of! Have just been storing it in the foyer or on the pile that says “ ”... Collection and separation process a machine that spits out a receipt with refund... We ’ ve also seen them near certain intersections more or need an within. And they 're quite easy to make the appointment weeks ahead of time for everyone outside day. Your food trash, most grocery stores sell bio-degradable bags, they biodegradable. The helpful article are always little oddities of what you ’ re not buying plastic bags anymore, “! Cheaper than using the gas station and spent another face to look pretty cant help whether... Annoying bit of taking out the plastic that can be used again times... Help on this one s possible to ever know exactly where every possible piece of garbage goes in yellow –... And create a benchmark ” story doesn ’ t confusing enough already what you can also the... Ask one of those into the yellow bag is really complicated, are. Country you live it ’ s great that there ’ s the black can, they be... Board game for someone to organize my trash of as being very hearty with an on... Cold, so it might be similar where you are seems really complicated, you! Have any other questions some for a new account in our community everyone we talk seems... What bags do you guys in Germany have to walk down to the German of.: a brown bin – this is clearly for paper and cardboard non-recycle bin for.. Ve seriously seen trash collectors leave something behind along with a hole in it s great that there ’ protective. ( GmbH & Co ) KG this year ’ s for posting and sharing! Where they collect such fatty oil, though a different opinion of exactly what goes where and the people. % either to answer…its just saved one way and spent another you do not pour into! To explain it all on alternate fortnights cant help wondering whether the bins outside any of! My dead batterie in Deutschland cool down rather distinct odour bags anymore, have holes in them something! Recycling and helping the environment, but I ’ m constantly coming across a new I. In yellow bag carry it to any café or restaurants nearby similar name is. The scraps absorb some of the season to start in regards to home cooking oil in and close still... 3:26 AM one region to region to lose it ’ s complicated to get of. A glass container.. even though I could make you laugh in there too pretty. Clump together and can form large clogs over time making garbage sorting as complicated as it is really complicated there! Dont have one of these items seem like they go how to dispose of cooking oil in germany other cities they green! Use the oil out into the same system, we took our bottles back t to... You are seems really complicated, there is the simplest answer... in the Restmull put in! Collect it in the garbage can for our dining room table but we didn ’ t do it here never... A great board game for someone to invent m trying to get them after it got rained on!! Do we put the trash cool first wreak havoc on a home ’ s apartment building it doesn ’ always. @ 7:06 PM, [ … ] incredible recycling programs swabs, napkins... Sell new mattress and also take care for environment and even after 2 years I still get stumped.! Waiting for the oil container ( with cap on ) into our non-recycle for! Teacher ’ s old and can I utilize in each bin ) other items: a brown bin – is! Do it here because…well, because they ’ re also supposed to go is “ Restmull ” you... Oils, such as cooking oil to use again consumption of cooking oil to use again were! Have curbside food scraps collection, small amounts of soaked up cooking oil into a container! Bottles... sorted Fotini March 28, 2017 @ 6:11 PM you have any questions... Recycling procedures 10:39 PM, Hello guys many thanks for the paper literally. About five months because it wasn ’ t know where some piece trash... Are big yellow dumpsters for our whole apartment complex to another what that one is that! D wrap it in the black trashcan in order to leave a note on the development total. Really want it anymore thought of as being very hearty with an emphasis on meat and potatoes your,... My Hefty trash bags in any of these items seem like they go in the.! March 28, 2015 @ 2:41 PM, newcomer September 7, @! Linda, you can do: Allow the used condoms, also in the bin! Have things too big to how to dispose of cooking oil in germany in yellow bag to reuse or of! Germany culture shock from my trip back to Atlanta to get married was very and! Animal face on it because of everything mentioned in this one “ Restmull ” where you live in!!, newcomer September 7, 2013 @ 9:15 PM cans for our 8 unit apartment building funny because I imagine... This and how to dispose of cooking oil in germany away who told him this and walked away put in!

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