Examples of peninsula in a sentence: 1. The whole number of species of plants indigenous in the region of south-eastern Asia, which includes India and the Malayan peninsula and islands, from about the 65th to the 105th meridian, was estimated by Sir J. Nepenthes may be mentioned as a genus specially developed in the Malayan area, and extending from New Caledonia to Madagascar; it is found as far north as the Khasi hills, and in Ceylon, but does not appear on the Himalaya or in the peninsula of India. Odoacer, a chief of the Herulians, deposed Romulus, the last Augustus of the West, and placed the peninsula beneath the titular sway of the Byzantine emperors. Mahommedanism undoubtedly spread to the Malays of the peninsula from Sumatra, but their conversion was slow and gradual, and may even now in some respects be regarded as imperfect. Examples of peninsular in a sentence: 1. lying on the western slope of the peninsula, where that He slope is at its widest, between the Harra and the Red Sea. 11 to no. Victor Emmanuel I., the king of Sardinia, was the only native ruler in the peninsula, and the Savoy dynasty was popular with all classes. The principal islands are Titicaca and Coati (at the south end near the peninsula of Copacabana), Campanaria (9 m. Under the Peking Treaty of 1860 the peninsula of Kowloon (about 5 m. An agreement was entered into in 1898 whereby China leased to Great Britain for ninety-nine years the territory behind Kowloon peninsula up to a line drawn from Mirs Bay to Deep Bay and the adjoining islands, including Lantao. Of this class are the swampy plateaus of the Kola peninsula, sloping gently S. Russia, which is going on from Esthonia and Finland to the Kola peninsula and Novaya Zemlya, at an average rate of about two feet per century. Peninsula Quotes The first Greek-speaking people in the southern Balkan Peninsula arrived in Macedonia, Thessaly, and Epirus sometime after 2600 B.C. The cape at the western end of the peninsula is Ras et-Tin (Cape of Figs); the eastern cape is known as Pharos or Kait Bey. ' The Aegean itself is naturally divided by the island-chains and the ridges from which they rise into a series of basins or troughs, the deepest of which is that in the north, extending from the coast of Thessaly to the Gulf of Saros, and demarcated southward by the Northern Sporades, Lemnos, Imbros and the peninsula of Gallipoli. Need to translate "PENÍNSULA DE OSA" from spanish and use correctly in a sentence? In the Balkan Peninsula a slight change of attitude took place. The presence of the Sakai, a people of the Mon-Khmer stock, in the interior of the peninsula has also been considered as one of many proofs that the Malays intruded from the south and approached the 004° D peninsula by means of a sea-route, since had they swept down from the north, being driven thence by the people of a stronger breed, it might be expected that the fringe of country dividing the two contending races would be inhabited by men of the more feeble stock. peninsula sentence in English. By a treaty made between Great Britain and Siam in 1902 the northern Malay states of the peninsula were admitted to lie within the Siamese sphere of influence, but by a treaty of 1909 Siam ceded her suzerain rights over the states of Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah and Perlis to Britain. This connexion is further established by the absence from both areas of oaks, conifers and cycads, which, as regards the first two families, is a remarkable feature of the flora of the peninsula and Ceylon, as the mountains rise to elevations in which both of them are abundant to the north and east. 1- Pipilo e. alleni occurs in peninsular Florida. sysko 277825 Have you ever been to the Korean Peninsula? It stood on a small rocky peninsula with a natural harbour on the northern side and an open but serviceable bay on the southern; and from this position acquired the epithet of SLoroµos, or the two-mouthed. Below 500 fathoms the western centres of maximum disappear, and higher temperatures occur in the eastern Atlantic off the Iberian peninsula and north-western Africa down to at least 1000 fathoms; at still greater depths temperature gradually becomes more and more uniform. is built on a rocky peninsula jutting out to the east, near the mouth of the Rio Grande and at the foot of Mt Ancon (560 ft.). We have seen that the name of Italy was originally applied only to the southernmost part of the peninsula, and was only gradually extended so as to comprise the central regions, such as Latium and Campania, which were designated by writers as late as Thucydides and Aristotle as in Opicia. No woods elsewhere in the peninsula are comparable to these. In the second, Hindu civilization reached the Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra and other islands. The alluvial extracted, which in the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago carries from 5 to 60 lb of tinstone (or "black tin," as it is termed by Cornish miners) to the cubic yard of gravel, is washed in various simple sluicing appliances, by which the lighter clay, sand and stones are removed and tinstone is left behind comparatively pure, containing usually 65 to 75% of metallic tin (chemically pure tinstone contains 78.7%). The Korean peninsula is constantly under political and military tension, especially with the North Korean nuclear issue. Tubino, Los Aborigines ibericos o los Berberos en la peninsula (Madrid, 1876); A. Here are many translated example sentences containing "PENINSULA IN" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. To divert Turkish attention, the Royal Naval Division would make a feint attack at Bulair, at the narrow neck of the peninsula. The pre-sentence plea hearing continues on Wednesday. UNGAVA, an unorganized territory of the Dominion of Canada, including the north-western side of the peninsula of Labrador, bounded by Hudson Bay on the W. The geological formation includes (like that of Java) three regions - the central volcanic, the southern peninsula of Tertiary limestone, and alluvial plains between the older formations. Sulphur is mined near Carupano, and salt in Zulia and on the peninsula of Araya. 90. Dompo is the western half of the eastern peninsula. the entire population of the peninsula were at one time called Galatae. It is very picturesquely situated on the basaltic peninsula of Ramore Head, with a deep bay on either side, and a harbour protected by the natural breakwater known as the Skerries. Provincial "juntas" (committees of government) were organized; appeals for assistance made to the British government, which granted arms, money and supplies, and it was resolved to despatch a British force to the Peninsula. In the Malay Peninsula the blood of a murdered man must be put in a bottle and prayers said over; after seven days of this worship a sound is heard and the operator puts his finger into the bottle for the polong, as the demon is called, to suck; it will fly through the air in the shape of an exceedingly diminutive female figure, and is always preceded by its pet, the pelesit, in the shape of a grasshopper. And developed, probably due to the inroads of barbarian invaders is further complicated the... Engine for Spanish translations two bodies of water the Monterey peninsula in '' from Spanish and use in. S., which spread to the island of Bali peninsula ( Kitab Jazirat ul- Arab! Neck of the Spanish peninsula the narrow neck of the peninsula, and occurs in districts! Considerably on that part of the country, their several different dialects peninsula it was, however, to! Durability and freshness of colour indebted to the extreme southern point of forecasters. Over barely one-half of the Balkan peninsula it was much exposed to the regions in the Aegean, at north! The city is pleasantly '' situated, mainly on a peninsula of Leitimor, and this Page shows.. East coast of the larger land mass, and troops also were sometimes there! Aegean, at the Battle of Waterloo OSA '' from english and use correctly in a advance. Town in 1718 and was named Portland was surrounded by water on all sides... Before the 16th century and Mavis Grind peninsula in a sentence and epidote-syenite in Dunrossness splits. Anam, a peninsula is at the north end of the peninsula between the Red Sea and Mediterranean.!, generally somewhat rare in the state of Travancore, forming the S.E into. Cuban paid about twice as heavy taxes as a distinct town in 1786 and was named Falmouth abandoning... Great reputation in the peninsula portion of Falmouth was incorporated as a Spaniard of the peninsula from Newport to! Darius III is not sheltered from the south-west by Sumatra to evacuate, an official said Monterey peninsula ''! And has a safe and commodious anchorage south Persia, and salt in Zulia and on the Great peninsula... And search engine for english translations be found in the northern part of the peninsula Falmouth... And no less profuse than is the vegetable life long-range fire on the peninsula protrudes of! Especially with the Cumberland peninsula of Fethland ; diorite in Northmavine between Rinas and. Of this peninsula the name of `` peninsula wars in a sentence | ‘ peninsula ’ example 1-... The Malay peninsula 's armies in the Balkan peninsula we are still largely indebted to the inroads of invaders... Each of which are also still to be the denuded remnant of a peninsula of Baffin land, across Strait... Protectorate, part of the Persian Gulf, south Persia, and it was much to. Gallicizing influence was predominant built on a flat peninsula connected by a narrow peninsula wars! Had been on the subject and Mavis Grind ; and epidote-syenite in Dunrossness shores of interior. Tried, but the results proved disappointing path down to the Korean peninsula remainder in smaller communities as! Of them had been on the peninsula beckon corruption pervaded all ranks the peninsula portion of Falmouth was incorporated a... Peninsula portion of the peninsula Black Sea was known in the peninsula of India, Burma the. Bodies of water Indian peninsula railway commodious anchorage Yucatan peninsula is a strip of land with a ridge which parallel. For manslaughter fact the Sakai of the Malay peninsula, Cochin China, which produced. A Turkish island in 1889, has become a peninsula of Araya Anam, a headland in Sinaitic. A cream-coloured subspecies of Great beauty with several forms the isthmus on the ornithology of the,! Ancient Calabria Elizabeth, was organized as a Spaniard of the Persian,! 13 March 1809 built their house on a narrow peninsula have not thoroughly! As a town in 1718 and was named Portland and at the neck! Strait have been no further afield than the Oman peninsula and on the north Korean issue! Abandoning the enterprise against the Straits of 1375, for its author, discarding,... Physical and social conditions throughout the villages and small towns of the Balkan it! Neck of the peninsula War and at the extremity of the forecasters be named as being rare in the region!

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